by Chaosane

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Christoff Slater
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Christoff Slater It's too bad this band broke up. I can't just pick ONE song. I love the whole thing!! The unclean vocals is amazing with this band. Very well done!! I am impressed. Thank you for this! Favorite track: Deadly Blessing.
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released October 1, 2011

music: chaosane
lyrics: anna/nico
mix/master: chris
recorded by chaosane



all rights reserved


Chaosane Kiel, Germany

The band CHAOSANE has come together in 2009 in Kiel (Nothern Germany) and plays metal trying not to follow any trends. the guitars are distorted, the tempo is fast and the vocals are never clean. In november 2011 the band released a Demo record "Chaosmachine" with 8 songs, one of which is instrumental. The record is available for free download. Horns up! ... more

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Track Name: Genesis
Don't distract an enthralled artist
Hold your breath and observe his hands
discovering the seeds of her chastity
sunk in the sea of warm vermilion

cut the flattering nerves,
burn the bridges to her mind
rip the heart out
saw up the opened book and
reconnect her cooling down veins

fragile bones with lacy patterns
begged for mercy like a disfigured tree
she lay so still, waiting to become whole again
and rejoice her morbid creator

a sick rebirth of a
child of a tyrant
blood bonds are not enough

retrieve all the congenital failures
put this bloody jig-saw together again

[Chorus] x 2

Saint trinity
hate, anger, pain
bless the massacre
release her out of this
show him how to beg
let the scarlet flow
dye his arrogance
oh, what a painful mistake...

Track Name: Redneck's Serenade
Why do you have so much blood?
You're my pretty little princess
on the floor in pieces

Pain will help you to
Rise and redeem your mind

crawl into submission
in a pond of blood
are you yet defeated?
watch me, soon you are

of all my heinous crimes
is nothing against
this speechlessness of yours

Pain will help you to
Rise and redeem your mind

Pain will help you to
Rise and redeem your mind
When you realize
your life is over
Track Name: Trollpunk
Am I awake?

despair has wound
round my throat so tight

the tears ran down and dried out long times ago
there's no taste of salt in my eyes, only raging thirst
it sticks behind my eyelids
like melted hate
it drapes a veil and wakes up the sleeping hounds

it's time to hope
for you to hope
and to believe

you were the ones who cast the first stones,
who cast the first oaths
you despise all the things you will
never understand


fed the hounds of war and still hoped
that they
will never disrupt their chains


the fire in my iris incinerates my last compassion
eclipse of human feelings
led by blackened thoughts
no trace of mercy left
within a decaying sanity
am I awake or insane?
I am awake!

the hounds of war cannot stop (x2)


mourns of grief will never reach my ears
remorse no longer lives in an unchained heart of mine
Track Name: Divine and Righteous
Come to me,
don't be afraid, my child
I'm only acting on order of our Lord


Welcome to
divine feast of lust
and pious masquerade of violence
the righteous violence

Your velvet skin is the eleventh commandment
And not to touch you would be a mortal sin
And if you cry
The hand of God'll turn into fist

Come to me,
don't be arfaid, my child
I'm only acting on the order of our Lord


on your knees, you little bastard
this is your holy burden – suck!

Don't you like serving God?
This all is for a divine cause

Sacrifice chastity for the sake of sinless life
in heaven with our father and his son
Track Name: Beware of the Grey Man
I walked up a dark staircase
Warily and slowly
Its steps led me like teeth of a beast
Right into jaws

One step more
And I would have lost control
Hundred steps behind,
Millions to surmount
I scream from the top
Of my swollen lungs:
Keep your hands off me
Faceless and unconcerned rows of
My lovely demons,
Blood-thirsty clowns with plastic smiles
relishing my angst

Drown me in dust
I won't let you blindfold me
As long as I have light to release

Putrid hands on my neck, I feel the air turning to
arsenic, despising all the love I
felt before I go upstairs to mount my scaffold
Rest in peace, my dearly freedom
Wake up, I'm begging you, just wake up
For a split second
How could you let those hands lull you
And leave me alone?


Only rage is vital
Track Name: Deadly Blessing
This place, once so familiar
Is casting shadows
Dull passages exposed their void
And all eyes are fixed on my beck

Scraps of memories
Demand revenge
The darkness is calling my name
Singing a song of madness

I've wandered in ruins
caught in a blackened world
paved with victims of your fanaticism
the living hell


The beginning
The beginning of your downfall is here
let me be your judge, your punisher
let me be your judge, because I'm your reaper

Welcome to my vile nightmare

Lies and depraved appearance
can no longer hide blood on your hands
The deadly blessing lives off my
uncontrolled hate
My heart is starting
to beat again, to pulse again
Unholy blood in my veins
will reveal the end

The beginning
The beginning of your downfall is here
let me be your judge, your punisher
let me be your judge, because I'm your reaper
Track Name: Sick Catharsis
I heard a scream
It broke
in upon my dreams
Loud shouts of crowd made me search for a shelter in my sheets
But the uncertainty led me to the window lit by hungry fire
Wounded wrists were trembling in chains

rise into the sky
and burn
this pictures in my mind

cut up feet found the way down
every step was piercing like a fragment
of broken glass

My deliverance has come
on the wings of a sick catharsis
hand me a torch
i'll ignite the next soul

rise into the sky
and burn
this pictures in my mind

My deliverance has come
on the wings of a sick catharsis
Washed away the sin and blasphemy
with acrid tears
Look at cracking branches ablaze
Enjoy this nocturnal play
the poison of burning flesh obscured my sanity
Track Name: Plaguewielder
The warnings
damped by your lies
The mourns resound
in this land of hypocrites

It's too late to pray


Paste crowns will fall
and be scattered like ashes
the dinner is served
a feast for the crows

Your clinking glasses
drown out those cries of loss
Just close your eyes
Ignore those bodies in the mud

It's too late to pray


The last piece of luxury
A poor comfort for you
The vermin knows no doors
Prepare to perish like your slaves

Sweet fruits and dishes
Are rotten in your hands
Precious wine
Spilled and mixed with blood

It's too late to pray


fall off you thrones
decay like rats
subverted by
the plague